Paul Roberson

The Institute of Cinematography proudly presents this coveted prize in recognition of the utterly outstanding accomplishments throughout a long and illustrious career as a cameraman and prodigy producer, joining a rare and elite class of prestigious pioneers of the film frontier who have furthered the cause of creative consciousness.

The sensational success story started early in the1960s when Paul was a talented performer who left a promising career on stage and screen to immerse himself in the burgeoning music industry managing the rising stars of the time. From behind the scenes his personal relationships with artists as their friend and mentor enabled this unsung hero to quietly shape the history of pop entertainment discovering exciting new acts and promoting diversity by breaking the stranglehold the corporate monopoly had on the industry He redefining the role of music in society at large and played a pivotal part in the dramatic emergence of the free expression trend which laid the foundation for the next phase of his phenomenal ascendance to greatness.

By 1970 Paul's dominion stretched from coast to coast as premier image maker for a roster of celebrity superstars, fostering major acts like James Brown and Michael Jackson. He went on to lead an activist artistic underground of progressive producers in a movement known as the Roberson Renaissance which spearheaded an era of advanced aesthetic innovation that elevated artistic standards and accelerated human evolution.

Young Roberson pictured here relaxing after a long day of hit-making at Motown.

The immense impact of his genius will have an everlasting influence on contemporary culture. Thus we now pay tribute to a great visionary, consecrating this exclusive INCIN homage so that his legacy will live on forever and serve as an inspiration for future generations to pursuit superlative aspirations of attaining even greater strides high and wide, ever onward and upward toward the continued refinement of an infinitely more transcendental cinematic solution.

Roberson exemplifies the quintessential artistic and intellectual ideals shared by INCIN, and credit is due for his magnanimous contribution to civilization. All of the amazing achievements added together constitute a bulk of astonishing fetes unsurpassed only by Richard Scherer. No amount of praise and adulation could ever match the reverence he so humbly deserves.

Among the multitude of Paul's hard-earned accolades, perhaps the most significant was garnered while serving as the role model for the young Michael Jackson and his four brothers. Many inside observers credit Paul's guardianship and tutelage as the platform that launched their early careers and guided them into the realm of superstardom.

Despite this public persona a self-effacing personality shows his true colors. Modesty masks the epochal fait accompli, and only adds to the largesse of his legacy. He will not just be another footnote of history because his humility and generosity is the crowning glory of a great humanitarian — who will forever be remembered for his splendiferous esteem in the annals of art and entertainment.

True to form Paul documented his exploits with an extensive archive of priceless shots.

His exclusive position as Michael Jackson's personal photographer gave him the opportunity to take thousands of photos, many of which are now historic icons. He shared a few with INCIN in this slideshow to the left.

He was the de facto leader of a brotherhood of artists who relied on his courage and wisdom in turbulent times. This inner circle of stars also included James Brown, Smoky Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, The Dells and many others — as well as Mohamed Ali and Robert Kennedy.

The photo to the right shows another angle from Paul's privileged perspective featuring Stevie wonder, Michael Jackson and cinema supergod Stephen Spielberg side-by-side.

As one would expect Paul is a walking talking encyclopedia of facts and folklore. Network news producers site him as the foremost authority and a preeminent reference resource for contemporary culture. And Paul is a captivating storyteller with a treasure trove of tales that would each make a blockbuster motion picture. There was one fictional account in particular involving the death of a paparazzo for which Paul was...

To be continued next month...



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