. The INCIN roster includes a wide range of genres that can be adapted for big screen cinema, broadcast & cable TV, streaming web, DVD, PC gaming, and other multimedia formats. All of which are in various stages of development and production.

  Production is the creative process in action. It all starts here where the quality of thought, sensitivity, and technical excellence define the merit of the final product. Prime time calls for prime programming, and at the end of the day the caliber of the content is all that matters

Information Station— The Know Show
Educational indoctrination programming explicit detail complex intellectual concepts in layman's terms.
  • FAQs
  • Intuition
  • Panel of Experts
  • Brainstorm —
    Arcademy —  
    Chop Shop at the Woodshed —
    Grab your axe and join the class for an immersive guitar training intensive.
    S.C.A.T.— The Student Coalition Against Tyranny


    Recognizing the undue control that school systems have over students' fate in life, smart students refuse to let their destiny be manipulated by babysitters (teachers) in a daycare center (school).

    With all the massacre shootings, sexual abuse, and exploitation, they're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. So they drop out and join S.C.A.T.


    • Be a Certified Technical Official
    • Instant brains DVD course



    Behold this gift of everlating light and joy!

    The quick & easy way to make magic miracles happen.
    Plain & simple step-by-step method to live the life you love.
    It's a value-packed, quality approved rocket fuel for the soul.

    Salvation Station
    • Religevision
    • Redeemedia
    • Medialiverence
    • Priest Department
    • Transmissionaries
    • Godcast-
    • MoraliTV
    • Holy Railers
    • Saints & Sinners
    • Soul TravelChannel
    • Telecult
    • Smoke & Miracles
    • Soul Patrol
    • Soul Control
    Satan Station—
    • Black Mass Media
    • Damnation Station
    • mark of the priest
    • possession session
    • tragic magic
    • Evil TV
    • Hellecast
    • Hellathon
    • Hellevision
    • Spellevision
    Heinous Atrocities—  

    Horror/crime stories featuring controversial caracters and scenes.

    • Genocide
    • Ax Murderer
    • Serial Killers
    • Grave Robbers
    • Mass Murders


    Space Story—  

    Sci-fi drama focusing on the interpersonal relationships and political infighting of astronauts, technicians, and administrators.


    Central Control—  
    Spy/suspence thriller about operations run by a fascist faction of quasi-governmental agents .
    3 Ring Circus—  
    Emotional drama about the hopes and despair of circus workers.



    Creation Of The Universe—
    The Big Bang blasts this epic spectacle out of the void and into oblivion.
    End of the World—
    Another spectre of jaw-dropping awe — ending with another Big Bang.
    Lost at Sea—
    Saga that follows the desperate plight of a hopeless castaway.

    Lugner Codex— www.lugnercodex.com

    Chronicles the tale of Fritz Lugner, a German lab assistant for an underground group of mad scientists engauged in myriad Frankenteinian experiments.

    Problems of Society— www.problemsofsociety.com

    A special report on a culture gone awry with a collosal collection of muckraking scandals and conspiracies.

    In otherwords, Gonzo journalism on acid.


    Buskdriver— www.buskdriver.com

    Buskdriver is mobilizing a new music movement at the vanguard of a creative renaissance.Hop on the bandwagon and shift the cultural paradigm into high gear.

    Blockbuskers mobile production unit documents how a ubevy of Bay Area buskers are making music history spearheading a revival of the San Francisco creative community.

    The emergence of an underground grassroots group

    Musician Impossible—
    Narrative about the adventures of a creatively original artistic musician and his challenge against a world dominated by music imitation and substandard kitsch.
    King of the Strings —  
    •  Beast Meets Best—
    Sexist American male thought he would get a sex-slave wife by marrying an Asian immigrant who needed a green card. But she turns out to be the bitch from hell.
    •  I Love Lucifa—  
    A satanic themed parody of "I Love Lucy". Main caracters are Micky McRomney and his wife Lucifa.
    •  Sleazy Street—
    •  Work Crew—

    •  Class Clown—

    Student's tomfoolery makes school fun and keeps classmates in fits of hysterical laughter.
    Shrink Tank—
    Psychological themed series delving into the strange and sinister side of this mysterious science.
    •  hypnotism
    •  Reverse Psychology
    •  Brainwashing
    INCIN X Erotic Art Film —
    Herstory Channel —
    • Bitch Hunt
    • 69 Minutes
    • Green Whornet
    • Jackie The Stripper
    • Whorrer Story
    • Pleasure Island
    • Haunted Whorehouse

    Beastialivision —

    Farmer's Daughter —  
    PornOlympics —  
    Musicianship performance competition that evauluates and judges contestants based on talent, technique, showmanship, and other criteria.
    •  Blame Game—
    Players match wits in a battle of blame with critical accusations against each other until one of them succumbs to shame and admits defeat. A decidedly negative tourney of visceral animosity that tests their ability to withstand intense humiliation and disgrace on television.
    •  Read My Mind—
    A telepathic duel between contestants.
    •  Dueling For Dollars—

    •  Hit It Rich—

    Material greed is on full display as participants vye for cash in a relentless pursuit of wealth.
    Disturban Legend—
    Dark comics
    Guitar Trek—

    Space music.
    The final fretboard frontier.

    These are the voyages of the Guitarship Shredderprise. Our mission is to seek out and explore strange new girls — and boldly tour where no musician has toured before!

    Helltoons— Cartoons From Hell.

    Hell can be a very funny place — if you're not condemned to suffer the agonizing torture of burning for all eternity there.

    On the otherhand, if you're the kind of sado-masochist that likes fire and brimstone, and gnashing of teeth this show is for you.

    Spoiler Alert: Contains lots of sacrilegious blasphemy.

    Dentist the Menace—
    The case of a deviant degenerate dentist

    The Loin King —

    A motion picture parody about life in the concrete jungle of San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood.
    For those with more sophisticated tastes
    A military theme like Beatle Baily & Sad Sack on acid
    Blown Mind—  

    A series of shows that deviate from fact to fantacy as it explores the dark recesses of the human psyche.

    • Hypnotist
    • Dope Head
    Studio Scherer —


    Blockbusker — www.blockbusker.com  
    It's a brave new world and the world is your stage.

    A documentary film about SF street musicians featuring their live performances, interviews, and more.

    Jazzcult TV — www.jazzcult.com
    Weekly series featuring original freeform fusion music, live performances, training sessions, creative animation, etc.
    The Musicianhood - www.musicianhood.com

    The legend of the music missionaries — musicianaries — in a creative crusade to restore the true art of music, and save humankind from a downward spiral into the abyss of artistic oblivion.

    Rotten Songs —
    •  Placebo -The mind over matter medicine
    •  Vigil Auntie -compact defence device
    •  Fony Balony -Organic meal that looks like real deal
    •  Ready Spagetti -Instant Italian, just add water
    •  Crap Sack -Never shit your pants again
    •  Barf Bags -Don't leave home without it
    •  Iron Jock -Erection Suppressor
    •  Nose Pins -Guard against farts in theatre
    •  BOdorant -Repugnant body odor scent
    Jolly Rogers Hood —

    Kids grow up too fast — and get traumatised for life as soon as they find out that there is no Santa Claus. Traditional customs, especially kids' TV show programming, insults their intelligence.

    Sooner rather than later they resent being treated like an idiot with a littany of lies for years.Severely injured by their parents' betrayal and decietkids suffer irrevocable damage. InJolly Roger's Hood smart parents can earn trust and avoid child abuse — kiling two birds with one stone. It's a rite of passage destined to establish the next traditional custom.

    The Truth Fairy —
    Captain Kangaroo Court —
    Satire Hour —
    • As The World Burns
    • Satin Place
    • Lust Of Life
    • IPC Ward


    Divorce Court—
    Serialized set of divorce cases that demonstrate the true nature of this antisocial phenomenon.
    • Spouse Abuser
    • Cheater

    Execution Special—

    Produced to meet the demand of the lynch mob mentality of todays audience.
  • Stoning
  • Guiotine
  • Hanging
  • Crucifixion
  • Suicide Watch—
    Each episode features a different method of ending one's own life, presented with a preventive spin.
    • Jumpers
    • Wrist Cut
    • Gun Shot
    • Drug Overdose
    Hall of Shame—
    Showcasing the scandals of famous scoundrels.
    • Bernie Madoff
    • O.J. Simson
    Unsung Heroes—
    Shining the spotlight on people who deserve reverence and recognition for their heroic deeds.
    Lost Causes—
    Stories told in an effort to give hope and inspiration to those involved in forlorn endeavors.
    Candid Scam Cam—
    Investigative reporting combined with a Candid Camera type format.
      INCIN is immersed in advanced research activities involving the interrelation of audio and video properties to create a unified medium in a perfect blend of music and visual art. These two experimental projects are at the vanguard of the industry.
    Optsonics Hologranimation
    Optisonic electronic hardware components synchronize two seperate audio and video signals to produce one single integrated signal. The resultant output represents a precise correlation between the input media, manifesting the exact relative equivalent of each artistic value fused together into one coherent rendering. Hologranimation is a multimedia platform that merges audio-visual Optisonic technology with holographic 3D motion graphics as an innovative aesthetic experience —primarily used for live entertainment  applications such as concert and dance events.


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