INCIN art-oriented instruction emphasizes creativity with practical programs limited to the essential elements of cinematography. Custom classes help students master faster for an expedient and economical education.

1-on-1 training sessions, and self paced, flexible scheduling all tailored to each student.
Including FREE subsequent phone support. To enroll call 415-474-1287

$115. enrollment fee Access to all courses for one year. Certificates awarded upon completion of each course.
$30. fee per course Six 1 hr. classes in three months + off-campus independent study hrs with unlimited phone support.
Production Intensive—
General crash course centered around each student's personal project which may involve any facet of production process including script writing, story boards, direction, acting, shooting, lighting, sound recording and editing.

Software: Final Cut Pro. Equipment: DV camera, lights, microphone, recording deck.

The course objective is simple and direct: To master the art of acting —by exercising the fundamental and universal principles of dramatics and stagecraft. We teach talent, but practice makes perfect. With steadfast determination and perseverance you will learn how to reach your full potential. Students' class work video will be compiled for their own demo reel.
Screen writing—

Course teaches key principals of effective screen writing. How to create a compelling story for a blockbuster screenplay. Scripts for all genres. Includes storyboard design basics.

Software: Final Draft, MS Word. Books: Recommended reading (not included)


Encompasses basic processes of soundtrack creation including recording, audio editing, mixing, voice over, musical score, sound design, sound effects, etc. Keyboard & guitar training optional. Prior music experience preferred but not prerequisite.

Software: Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Garage Band. Equipment: Keyboard Synthesizer, microphone

Video Editing—

Covers all the main tools, features and function common to all video editing programs. Capture and output, titles, transitions, color correction, audio and video effect filters, etc.

Software: Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Quicktime Pro

Special Effects—

In-depth course studies wide ranging details of digital effects including Image transformation, composites, green screen keying, particle emitters, effect filters, simulated 3D, etc.

Software: After Effects, Motion

2D & 3D Animation and Motion Graphics—

Basic elements of animation including scene, character design, text transformation and tweening, 3D modeling, etc. Comprehensive course covers diverse genres such as animated logos, commercials, cartoons, music videos, whiteboards, presentations, etc.

Software: Motion, After Effects, Flash, Swift 3D, Carerra 3D Pro, etc.

DVD Authoring—

Full scope instruction program covering every aspect of DVD authoring with Interactive menus, chapter markers, output codex compression settings, disc label & package design.

Software: DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Career Intensive—

Professional development program offers job placement and/or marketing consultation and promotional media design services intended to enhance qualifications and eligibility for employment opportunities, and to maximize potential for successful career.

5 page website, Reel, resume & cover letter, letter of recommendation

Work Study & Scholarships—

Limited programs are available for qualifying candidates

Inquire within: 415-474-1287


Private. Professional. Discreet.

INCIN X is an erotic cinema art talent development program with an integrated array of training courses.
Students must be at least 18 years of age.



641 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94109